As you are all aware the North Lancs affiliated clubs have come together over the past few weeks to share their experiences and difficulties in returning to normal operations since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The club Chair’s and delegates have had one meeting to share each other’s ongoing problems and how best to overcome, and there will be more to follow in the coming weeks.

You will be aware in the news lately that such facilities such as Plymouth and Pond’s Forge, Sheffield are facing extremely uncertain futures, if the result of the pandemic is having an effect on facilities of this nature, then it is only natural that ALL facilities & swimming clubs are facing an uncertain future.

What the North Lancs Exec committee is trying to do, is to facilitate conversation and best working practices between all our affiliated clubs. We are trying to get clubs talking to each another, to help each other and if at all possible, to build honest working relationships that may help others survive through these challenging times. It is not going to be easy, we face many difficulties and it is not beyond the realms of possibility that we lose clubs due to no fault of their own, but we must try.

Some clubs are truly struggling for pool time, some more than others, but all clubs are facing difficulties and very uncertain futures whether they have pool time or not, so now, more than ever, it is important that each club’s membership help the club they are currently with rather than try to move club’s in order to gain some pool time.

I am aware that the temptation is there to transfer to other clubs in order to continue swimming but in all honesty, it is more important to ensure we protect all clubs within North Lancashire until such time that this is no longer possible. Swimming club’s in our community are a vital source of health and well being to our communities, not to mention they offer us an avenue for competitive sport, which, is also a vital part of any child’s education. We don’t have any performance club’s within our area, we are all local community swimming clubs, that in some cases have over 100yrs of history, surely the most important thing is to ensure these clubs are here for the next generations to enjoy?

By remaining with the club you are currently signed to, can only help their survival. I know people change clubs, they always have, for many different reasons, but changing club’s at this moment in time just to try and find a little pool time will only be detrimental to the survival of swimming club’s in our area.

The club Chairs  will hopefully be meeting again towards the end of this month when we are coming out of the holiday season, I’m sure this may be a topic for debate but please do all you can to help all swimming clubs. Thank you. 

Again, please stay alert, please stay safe and hopefully in time we can be welcoming all our clubs back to North Lancs competition in the future, fingers crossed!!


Kind Regards


Steve Heaps