About Us

A bit about who we are

The Association consists Swimming Clubs, all of whom are affiliated to the North West Region of the ASA.
Only clubs, either; based in the area that constitutes the County of Lancashire as defined on 1st April 1974, by the Local Government Act 1972; or those who have been affiliated to the Association prior to 1st January 1982 and whose affiliation has not lapsed, shall be accepted for affiliation to the Association.

The Association runs two Open Meets each year, a Level 3 Development meet in summer and the Level 2 Age Groups and Championships in September & October.

We also run a Swimming League, with teams competing in two divisions of eight clubs, over three rounds between February and June.

The Association provides funding of up to £600 per year to member clubs to re-imburse the cost of swimming teaching and coaching courses.

The Executive, which is drawn from all twenty-one member clubs, meets five times a year.