Update for Association Members

Hi All

Firstly I would just like to say on behalf of the North Lancs Swimming & Water Polo Association I just hope and pray that all our member clubs, families and friends are all keeping safe and well during this most difficult time.

Last night (16th June 2020) the swimming and development committee met (on Zoom) to discuss the forthcoming L2 meet which is schedule for 26/27 September & 17/18 October and the conclusion of the 2020 Swim League.
When I last wrote to you on 3rd April it was unsure as to exactly what would happen to the remainder of the 2020 North Lancs competitions and to a certain extent nothing has really changed at the moment. We did however, decide, in April to change the L2 licence to a L3 licence and this is still the case should the event take place.

It was agreed last night to postpone the dates for September, and possibly the October dates, until we have more information from pool providers, following Swim England’s Guidance for Clubs released on Monday 15th June. With the North West Region Short Course Champs cancelled and the cancellation of the 2020 Arena League it does (if possible) give us scope to hold some form of Championships later in the year should circumstances improve. I would like to make it perfectly clear that if we can hold the 2020 Championships in whatever format we can, in a safe environment for all, then we will look to do so, but it has to be safe for all, including the local communities. This is paramount and we will not risk the health and safety of anyone.
We will endeavour to keep you posted as and when we learn more about the situation we face and as circumstances develop; so please check the website for updates.

We also discussed the 2020 Swim League season and again have concluded that if we can hold the remaining fixture towards the end of 2020, in a safe environment for all then we will do so. Again I must stress we will not risk the health and safety of anyone.

I would also like to mention that we briefly discussed the re-introduction of Water Polo back into North Lancs, I aim to write to all interested parties for Water Polo once we have more information on what will be classed as normal service so, please do not think we have forgotten about discussions held earlier in the year, this is not the case.

During the swimming and development meeting last night it became apparent that there are a number of clubs in the district facing severe challenges in the very near future, whether this is financial, pool providers, swimmer retention, teacher/coach retention, officials retention or any other matter, our clubs face unprecedented challenges. I was asked if I could contact all member clubs’ Chairpersons to arrange a meeting (on Zoom) to discuss the issues we currently face and to see if we can canvass for opinions to try and help one another through these times as best as possible. In the next few days I intend to write to all our clubs Chairpersons to invite them to a meeting, so please check your emails regularly & try to ensure you are available, if at all possible.
I think it is fair to say that our sport, truly has a rather uncertain future, none of us know what is going to happen, it is going to be difficult and we face the serious prospect of some of clubs facing closure through no fault of their own, I think the time has come for all to try (if at all possible) to help one another through these very difficult times.

In closing for now, please continue to Stay Safe, follow all the guidelines that have been advertised and try to ensure that yourselves, your families, friends and communities are as safe as possible.

Steve Heaps
President NLSWPA