Swim League Round One Darwen Sun 16.01.2022

The results of Round One are as follows

Division 1

Round 1 Gala 2 Darwen 16.01.2022 (Div 1) Edit for illegal swims

Division 2

Round 1 Gala 1 Darwen 16.01.2022 (Div 2)

Please note that unfortunately one team in Division 1 was heavily penalised for two illegal swims.  The results are therefore different from those announced at the Gala.

We would strongly encourage coaches to familiarise themselves with the League Rules which can be downloaded under the events Tab.

Please also note the only acceptable Team Sheet is the one which can be found under the Events Tab.  No other format is acceptable and failure to present the correct sheet before the star of the Gala will incur a fine.