Swim League Gala 1 – Sunday 16th January 2022 – Darwen Leisure Centre

The Lane Draw for Round 1 is now under the Events Tab

Please note the order and timings of the galas.

Please note that spectators numbers at Darwen Leisure Centre are restricted to one person per family.

Please note the duties assigned to your club.

In addition your club will need to provide a time-keeper and qualified official. (If you do not have a qualified official please arrange to “buddy ” with another club and borrow one of theirs!)

The Association will provide the float & programmes for the team assigned to the door, who should be in place 15mins before the designated entry time.

If your team are down to provide water please purchase 36 x bottles of water, for which you will be reimbursed by the door team on production of a receipt.

There will be no electronic timing at Darwen, so the recorder and check recorder functions are critical to the effective operation of the gala.  A laptop will be provided with the electronic score sheet for the recorder.  The check recorder will complete a manual results sheet.

The Lane Draw for Round Two will be posted shortly.