Further Update 31.07.2020

Hi Everyone.
As we continue to move forward down this most uncertain pathway, I would like to update you a little on what has been happening within North Lancs lately. We had a Club chairs meeting on the 23rd July and from a pretty good turnout it was evident that all our member clubs are facing very different challenges with pool providers, yet all are in pretty much the same position. We are all uncertain how this pandemic is going to affect the sport and our individual clubs.
There were a number of great ideas of what we can do to try and bring to the attention of pool providers, local councillors and leaders, even local MP’s and media. I will be arranging another Club Chairs meet quiet soon to start putting some of these into practice and see if we can all help one another through this very difficult time.
On Thursday 30th July the North Lancs Exec met to discuss the above and what course of action needs to be done regarding our outstanding 2020 North Lancs competition. It was agreed by all in attendance that it is only right and proper to cancel the 2020 Sub League competition and remove the first gala from the records. The Sub League therefore will have no change in 2021, we will start the 2021 season with the two divisions as they currently stand and the records will show that the 2020 competition will show cancelled due to Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic. The Swimming & Development committee will meet soon to discuss arranging the 2021 season, once we have more information from pool providers.
Our attention was then on discussion of the L2 meet, which, was, earlier in the year changed to L3.
This meet was due to take place in September/October 2020, obviously as we have previously reported this will no longer happen, however it was felt that the meet be postponed until such a time it can take place. The reasons for this are numerous but we feel that the first meet that takes place once restrictions are lifted should be North Lancs Meet for our affiliated clubs. We are in a position where we can offer a quality meet for all, cater for all and can, if required, take a loss on the competition in order to get our swimmers back in the water, so after discussion we are going to postpone the North Lancs meet until such time we are able to host, when this time arrives we will be booking pools and organising the running of this meet.

I would just like to say that your swimming clubs are working incredibly hard behind the scenes to try and ensure that all our swimmers have a future, and they will continue to do so. We are living in very difficult times, both personally and for our sport but if we can continue engaging in working partnerships to help each other out then I am sure the sport, North Lancs & your respective clubs can survive. Please Stay safe, please stay alert and please continue to follow the guidelines. I wish you all the very best of health and hope to see you all at a pool soon.

Many Thanks

Steve Heaps