Covid-19 Impact on NLSWPA Events

Hi all

I am writing to you to try and keep you fully informed regarding the unprecedented situation we currently face due to the current coronavirus pandemic. The world we currently live in, is one that is totally different from last month. We now find ourselves having to change our way of life in order to try and save the lives of others and help our NHS, carers, emergency services, logistics, cleaners, and many, many more vital people. I would like to thank all these special people who are working around the clock to ensure we have everything we need, so we can beat this virus. As you know we have a duty and responsibility to ensure that the health, safety and wellbeing to all members of the public, not just those in the swimming community, but to all people.
Tonight the swimming and development committee met (via zoom conference call, not in person) to discuss the remainder of the 2019-2020 swimming season. We discussed all areas around North Lancs swimming and water polo association and activities and have concluded that the following will take immediate effect.

2020 swim league.
The remaining fixture for the 2020 season which is due on 20th June will be postponed. There are plans to try and swim this fixture later in the year to try and complete the fixture, however if this cannot be completed then the 2020 swim league season will be cancelled and records will show this.

2020 Level 3 meet.
The 2020 North Lancs level 3 meet schedule for 11th & 12th July will be cancelled. This decision has not been taken lightly, but we believe it is the correct decision. Therefore the Level 3 meet will be cancelled for 2020. I can only apologise for this but in the best interest of everybody concerned we (the committee) believe this decision to be correct.

2020 Level 2meet.
At the time of writing we are planning to hold the level 2 meet as planned however this will be changed slightly to be as fair to as many swimmers as possible. For the 2020-21 season the Level 2 meet will become a level 3 meet. This will be to try and encompass as many swimmers as possible, to try and hopefully re-introduce athletes back into competition. Please don’t worry as you can still get county and regional qualifying times from a level 3 meet. The committee will be looking at the programme and qualification times for this meet as soon as possible and we will inform you on all developments once we have confirmed.

Water Polo
As some of you will know we are trying hard to re-introduce water polo within the association, sadly this has had to be put on hold due to the pandemic, but please can I assure all involved with water polo that we are still committed to this re-introduction as soon as circumstances allow.

The swimming and development committee will be reviewing all aspects of our association activities during the next 6-8 weeks, the exec meetings will be cancelled until September at the earliest, however we will continue to send updates to delegates and members as best we can, in the meantime can I please thank you for patience, understanding and support during these uncertain times.
Finally On behalf of the NLSWPA I would just like to wish you, your families and your communities the very best of health. Please stay safe, stay at home, help the NHS and help save lives.

Steve Heaps
President NLSWPA.

3rd April 2020