No Frills Meet 2021

Hi all

I hope you, your friends and families are all trying their best to get back to some kind of normal life during these strange times.?

We must all be very mindful that covid-19 is and always will be with us and if we can respect the virus we can also learn to live alongside it.

After many many months of upheaval in our lives we now found ourselves trying to regain and pickup the things, that have, for so long, been affected by this pandemic. I can only hope that the effects of the virus have been minimal on you all.

As we try to move back to swim training and competition, North Lancs would like to do this in a way which helps all our communities, our clubs, our officials, our pool providers, our pool staff & management and of course our swimmers.

Over the course of the past 3-4months the North Lancashire committee have made the very difficult decision to cancel the annual championships in 2021 and replace with a meet for all swimmers within our district. We are going to call this the North Lancs No Frills meet 2021.

We are really conscious of the people traffic at galas, the amount of movement required to organise a meet to cater for 20 clubs and all that goes with it. We want to protect the leisure providers staff, personnel and wider communities as well as our people so please allow me to try and explain the thinking around this.

We are going to run an identical meet licenced at L3 for all swimmers affiliated to North Lancs. The programme (see attached) is a one day meet covering all 4 50s and all 4 100s plus the 200IM and 200FC. We have split the clubs to swim at the pool closest to them (as best we can) and we will set lower level times that will hopefully allow all swimmers to post times times and use for future competitions.

There will be no awards, no medals, ‘No Frills’ just good honest competition designed to allow our swimmers the opportunity to compete and start putting comp times on the board to use for further meets.

We will be posting more information in the very near future with entry pack, closing date etc. We will also be asking clubs to provide officials and volunteers to help in marshaling etc as there will be no spectators.

We truly need your help in ensuring we can do this and again info on this will be sent out very soon.

Thanks again and please stay safe

Steve Heaps